GNSS User-selected
A Priori Coordinates User-provided or RINEX header
A Priori Coordinate Constraint Unconstrained
Positioning Mode User-selection of either static or kinematic
Elevation Angle Cutoff User-selected
Initial Time 00:00:00
Final Time 23:59:59
Maximum Iterations 5
Convergence Limit 1 m for X, Y, and Z
GDOP Cutoff Threshold 20 for static
100 for kinematic
Static Clock Interpolation On
GPS Orbit and Clock Products IGS Final
Galileo Orbit and Clock Products CODE Final
BeiDou Orbit and Clock Products CODE Final
Observable Strategy
for RINEX 3.xx
file processing
P1: C1W
L1: L1W
P2: C2W
L2: L2W

C1: C1X
E1: L1X
C5: C5X
E5: L5X

C1: C1I
B1: L1I
C2: C7I
B2: L7I

Weighting Scheme (sigma) Carrier-Phase: Default: 0.015 m at zenith

Pseudorange: Default 2 m at zenith

Elevation angle-dependent weighting (sin(el))

Neutral Atmosphere Delay

Estimated by default
Estimation automatically terminated if receiver rises above 50,000 ft (15,240 m)

VMF1 NAD model used as a priori delay

Vienna mapping functions applied by default

Gradients NOT applied by default

A priori NAD Std. Dev.: 0.010 m
NAD Process Noise: 5 mm/sqrt(h)

IWV: Not estimated
KML Type Line
Receiver Antenna Calibration IGS ANTEX
Ocean Tide Loading Applied (if <1 km from IGS station)
Earth Body Tides Applied
Reference Frame ITRF 2008

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